Finders Keepers Capital, LLC BBB Business Review

Finders Keepers Capital LLC. which is the premier locator of lost and abandoned assets, which are being held in custody of State and Federal Government agencies. We have a vast archive of lost assets and abandoned cash which is unclaimed. The monies that we locate are dormant bank accounts, lost wage checks, forgotten safety deposit boxes, lost stock certificates and unclaimed dividends, uncashed insurance checks etc. These assets are being held at Government agencies due to the fact that no activity has taken place in the account for a long period of time or the checks might have been lost in the mail. The Government will then hold these assets until the rightfull owner or Heirs will claim them.

Our job is to track down your Money and return it to you as soon as possible. Please submit your questions on unclaimed assets to Moneychest by filling out the form below and we will find out for you if you have any lost or abandoned funds.

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